Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing with HTML: some improvements

 HTML is like a puzzle. A very dangerous puzzle. Because if I forget to close one tag, then the whole blog goes kaput. But I never take the easy way, and so, I find myself wading through HTML to fix those tiny annoying blips that bother my perfectionist leanings. For a couple hours this afternoon, I tried to fix some issues that have been cropping up. Let me know if you find more!

1) I thought you were able to sign-up to receive updates from this blog by email. I was wrong. So, I have now inserted a section on the left-hand sidebar where you can insert your email address and receive updates. Voila!

2) If you have been using Internet Explorer to view this blog, you have probably noticed the bothersome habit of the posts cutting off the last letter on the right-hand side of the text lines. After much trial and error (because if I did one thing in Explorer, it would mess up Firefox and vice versa), I believe it is fixed. If it is still occurring, please let me know.

3) I cleaned up a bit of the post formatting. Hopefully that will help keep everything a bit more readable.

4) I added my picture on the front. Now you can remember who I am :)

5) I added a link to the sidebar in case you are ever interested in learning more, receiving newsletter updates (or updates that can't be publicly placed on the web), or even partnering with me in prayer or finances. Now you can't tell me it's too hard to find!

6) Are there things that you would like to see changed or added to this blog? Do you have ideas for posts? Questions about anything? Let me know! I'd be happy to address them!