Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Break

You haven’t heard from me as much recently for two reasons.

1)    Speaking and Traveling. Over the course of Saturday, May 14 to Tuesday, May 17, I had 10 different appointments and drove for a total of 20 hours, trekking all across southern Minnesota and northeast Iowa…Note to self: Always remember to bring music. (During the first five-hour leg to Iowa, I forgot to grab any CDs and had to choose among the radio’s vast array of options: opera, baseball re-caps, cooking teriyaki chicken, and a very twangy country station.)

2)    Packing. 2 years. 1 week left (before the shipment). Enough said.

But, on Thursday, my family and I took the day off together. No Wycliffe. No emails. No thank-you notes. No outside responsibilities were allowed for anyone. We simply enjoyed each other's company.

We went to Interstate Park and Taylors Falls
It's on the St. Croix River, only about 20 min from our house.
It liked advertising its "rugged" trails. Hmm.

It was a huge blessing.

My sister and I. We're weird. And she's my best friend.

People often comment on the “sacrifice” that I’m making, or the “calling” God has placed on my life. But in reality, it’s not just me. My family, by willingly letting me go, is obeying the call God has put on their own lives. Missions is not a task done in isolation. And staying is not easy.

In many ways, I think it can be even harder for them, because I will have so many distractions and new experiences keeping me busy, while life will continue “normally” here… and my chair will be empty.

 I praise the Lord a thousand times for my family. I love you guys so much.