Friday, October 14, 2011

Packing. Again.

Our table, before things got packed...
Well, I have once again been sorting, organizing, labeling, bagging, and taping shut my life into various boxes and buckets. Except, this time, items are sorted into their respective containers based upon whether they are edible and non-edible… by rodent standards.

I’ve also been trying to answer those burning questions that inevitably keep you awake at night. Such as, how much toilet paper do I plan on using for five weeks? Or, since Madang appears to have been out of baking soda for the past month, what are my creative substitutes for cooking everything from scratch? Will I despise corned beef and tuna by the end? How long will my camera batteries last without recharging?

I am, in other words, preparing to leave for five weeks of living with a village family up the North Coast of Papua New Guinea in a tiny hamlet called Silum. It’s a chance for my roommate and me to live with a national family and be immersed in language and culture—in a situation stripped of many of the temptations to fall back on my American habits. Furthermore, I will be exploring the language of use of this particular village, have an opportunity to show the Jesus film, and be blessed to develop relationships with the nationals around me. I appreciate your prayers during this time, that the Lord might be glorified and His name praised in all that we do!

Although I’m bringing a household with me, one thing that can’t get wrapped in plastic and labeled with permanent marker is Internet access. Meaning, as soon as I board the truck on Friday morning (Oct 14), I will not be blogging or answering emails for the next five weeks. So, you’ll have to be patient and wait for me to return around November 17 or so before I can share my stories. In the meantime, I would like to introduce you to my lovely and remarkable sister, Hannah. Some of you may have met her already through her blogs Cambria Horsemanship and Prayers of Light, and now she will be appearing here as the guest blogger Missionary Sister :) You may recall a previous post of hers here. I guarantee, with her writing, you won’t be disappointed!

May the Lord bless your next several weeks! I look forward to hearing what He’s done in your lives—and I’m excited to share what He will do in mine!