Friday, May 11, 2012

To-do list...check!

In the last two and a half weeks…

POC has finished! (After a week with no internet, great stories, tearful debriefs, and anticipation for the next stage, my five-month saga with POC is complete!)

I moved back from Madang into my "new" house in Ukarumpa.

My body has recovered from my cold.

My stuff is finally unpacked.

My housemate has returned.

Multiple dinner parties to welcome new friends and say goodbye to old ones have been cooked, cleaned, and completed.

The kitchen pantry has been stocked and orderly.

The bathroom has been reorganized and cleaned.

The office is… well, it’s in the process of getting organized. You need to make a disaster before you can have a clean house, right?

My printer has been resuscitated (hehe, 110 volt appliances don’t do well with 240 volt outlets….oops!)

A new guard dog has been found for us to dog-sit while its owners are on furlough (our current guard dog will be returning to its family as they arrive back in country).

The emails overflowing my inbox have finally been attacked and vanquished!

My new project-based job in our linguistics office has been started (a temporary position while I search for my allocation and rest in Ukarumpa).

My blog has been updated (check out these really cool new pages that I’ve created—such as how to send me a package!). (However, if you are a behind-the-scenes HTML/Javascript/CSS expert who wants to help me with some quirks, I’d be delighted to hear from you!)

And my May newsletter has been written! (If you would like to receive it by email, you can sign up on the brand new newsletters page or you can download it from the new link that I’ve posted on that same page. Pretty cool, don’t you think?)