Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crockpot Alligators and Pictures from POC August 2011

By the Missionary Sister

Some of you have been wondering where Catherine has been recently and why you haven't heard from her on here! Sori tru ("I'm sorry"), she would say, but she's been having a whirlwind few weeks! As you might have read in her most recent prayer letter (if you want to be on the list, click here), our aunt visited her on a short-term missions trip for several weeks, after which Catherine and she went to Australia for a vacation.

(She got to hold a koala and see a wombat. Jealous.)

Now, however, she is in Wycliffe's regional center in Kokopo (click here to see a map) where she will be for the next several weeks assisting at a church engagement training course for local leaders. She will be helping with organizing materials, instructing classes, and even managing the kitchen and meals (we always knew being our family's kitchen slaves for 11 years sans dish washer would come in handy!).

While she is working on her chef skills (she already knows how to make crockpot alligator), however, she has no internet, which means no blog posts.

But it does mean you get to hear from me again. (Try to contain your excitement.)

When my aunt returned from PNG, Catherine sent with her a whole CD of pictures. A lot of these will be on Facebook, but I've picked out some of what I think are the best to share with you here.

These first pictures are from her very first experience with PNG -- the Pacific Orientation Training Course (POC) she went through in August 2011.