Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life Lessons from a Piano Bench: Pictures from POC January 2012

By The Missionary Sister

When we were little, Catherine taught me a lot of things. How to obey orders. How to make up endless, pointless fairy tales that go on for days. What "This part is mine" and "This part is yours" truly means in regards to sharing a piano bench.

We had piano-bench sharing down to such a science, you have no idea.

However, I don't think she ever thought that, among other responsibilities, she'd use those skills teaching a group of children of new Wycliffe members during the Pacific Orientation Training Course in January 2012. Because she had no current village assignment, Wycliffe asked Catherine to be part of the staff during the next POC after Catherine's, and she accepted.

(Actually, you might remember some of her stories from her posts Of Star Wars, Toads, and Hospital Tag and Reflections of a Human Buoy.) 

 While those posts did have a lot of great pictures, as always, there were many more that never made it in. So here are a lot more photos from POC January 2012, though if you want to see even more, just head over to Facebook!

As always, click on the pictures. Something magical will happen.