Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Magic Bullet, Magic Bata

What is green and brown and yellow and is creamier than a yogurt commercial?

A banana chocolate avocado smoothie of course!

Avocado? Did you say avocado??

But we make guacamole out of avocado!!
Yes, that‘s right... but I guarantee that the day you enjoy the heavenly rich creamy yummyness provided by this secret ingredient, you will no longer regulate the lowly avocado just to Mexican food!

So, because I‘m a nice person, and because I want to show off one of my most favourite kitchen tools EVER, I am going to pretend I‘m one of those fancy blogger cooks and share with you the recipe... complete with pictures!

First, the ingredients.

2 bananas
½ medium avocado (a small avocado here is the size of my fist, so you may need to adjust accordingly)
1 c. cold milk (I use powdered milk in my cooking here, so again, adjust for your neck of the world.)
Several large scoops of cocoa powder (we don‘t have cocoa powder in the store here right now, so I had to use some hot chocolate mix instead. As long as you remember chocolate and large, you’ll do fine.)

Place all ingredients together in your blender.

Now I get to introduce you to the star of the show... the Magic Bullet! It blends, it whips, it pulverises, it chops... and it does so in both individual servings and large quantities in only seconds! Poppyseed dressing, strawberry topping, honey-mustard marinade, breakfast smoothie, ice cream shake, you name it—the Magic Bullet can mix it (except whipped cream. I don’t recommend whipped cream...perhaps you remember that adventure here?) .

Mix until fully blended.

Taste. Adjust ingredients (basically, the real question is, is it chocolatey enough? If not, scoop more in and blend ‘er up!)

Look at how creamy it is! There is a reason why Papua New Guineans call avocado bata (or the bush version of butter.) Enjoy! I recommend you do so sitting under the shade of a favourite tree, a dog by your side, and a friendly book in your lap.

We have lots of avocados here in Papua New Guinea. What are some of your favourite avocado recipes?