Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ode to the Singles' Van

The lovely van! Here it was taking us to a party!
Ode to the Singles' Van

Yes, that's the back door falling apart. What fun!
 When the night starts a falling
And cockroaches start crawling
And we find ourselves far from our home,
We ladies don’t worry
or attempt to hurry
Because we know that wherever we roam--

The Singles' Van will find us
Collect and combine us
Packed onto leather-torn seats,
With boxes and umbrellas
And bilums* (but rarely fellas,
since its ladies who can’t be on streets**).

It’s rickety and rusty,
Holey and musty,
And the doors are falling apart.
We hang onto handles
And bounce in our sandals
And cheer for on-the-hill starts!

Despite mud on our skirts
(and jarred spine- and head-hurts)
Our delight for the Van does abound!
It’s a service so faithful
We are ever so grateful
To always come home safe and sound!

*A bilum is the traditional string bag of Papua New Guinea.
**Women aren't advised to walk around after dark without a male escort, so when we want to return home after an evening out in Ukarumpa, the Singles' Van is the transport of choice :)