Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where in the world is…?

 When I was young, I loved playing a computer game called Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego???? (and don’t forget it’s knock-off, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego???). By this point, I bet some of you are wondering the same thing about me—where in the world is Catherine Rivard?

Look at all those little yellow boxes!
Well, right now I’m in Wewak. Let me show you a map. Here is Papua New Guinea. Every other place that has yellow box is a place that I’ve lived or worked. Now see the extra big star? That’s the town of Wewak—where I am right now.

I flew up here on Tuesday (I got to sit in the co-pilot’s seat with the headset and all…unfortunately, my fellow passengers banned me from pressing any of the exciting buttons in front of me—lucky for them, despite the urges from generations of pilots in my blood, I resisted) :)

Wewak is gorgeous :)
What in the world are you doing there, Catherine? Well, I’m on staff for an exciting course called Oral Bible Storytelling. It teaches Papua New Guineans how to memorize and retell Bible stories in a dramatized form in their own languages to reach people with the Scripture who aren’t yet able to read. I’m delighted to be a part of it and see what the Lord has in store over the next month. I’ll do what I can to keep you updated over the next several weeks, but I’ve also written some stories ahead of time to share with you as well. Thank you so much for your prayers!