Sunday, May 26, 2013

Octupled Banana Bread

The banana bread was a staple of the morning tea breaks
Octuple. That must be the word.

I looked at the two tiny mixing bowls, each with a diameter of less than 8 inches. There was no way I could make 8 times the recipe in these tiny containers. I looked around my kitchen in frustration; I was in Wewak, Papua New Guinea, on staff with the Oral Bible Storytelling Course (click to read more about the purpose, the process, and even the songs involved!), and I needed to bake 16 loaves of banana bread, but I had no large mixing bowl in my flat.

Suddenly, my eye fell upon a bucket sitting under my table.

Hmm, it’s certainly large enough. And it’s expendable. It’s a bit unorthodox…but what other choice do I have?

I shrugged and grabbed the bucket. After I washed and bleached it, I proceeded to successfully mix up an octupled recipe of banana bread… in my rubbish bin.

While I was at the course, I had the privilege of meeting Kristina and hearing her amazing testimony about how God was using Oral Bible Storytelling in her life. You can read about her journey in my June Newsletter which you can find on my Newsletter’s tab. You can also find out about some exciting developments about my upcoming trip to New Ireland and my return to the US later this year. If you’d like to receive my newsletters or prayer updates by email, please don’t hesitate to email me.