Saturday, May 3, 2014

There's a gecko in my closet!

 There was a gecko in my closet.

We peered at each other, before he flicked his tail and darted somewhere in between my skirts and sweatshirt. Of course, such an event needs to be documented--and what better than a children's poem? And since children's poems must be illustrated, here are some 3-minute sketches for your enjoyment.


There’s a gecko in my closet—I think he likes my clothes.
But, he’s picky ‘bout his sizes. Too big and no sticky toes!

There’s a gecko behind my towel—perhaps he wants a shower?
Good thing today is sunny—he’s using up my solar power!

There’s a gecko on my ceiling; he’s perching upside down.
I wonder what he thinks of us, all hanging from the ground?

There’s a gecko in my soup! He fell down from the rafters!
He's trying for the circus, but we scream instead of laughter!

There’s a gecko in my bookshelf, between the cookbook and the grammar.
He’s practicing his read-aloud—no more croaking stammer!

There’s a gecko in the water dish, just going for a swim
My dog is really thirsty, but is terrified of him!

There’s a gecko ‘tween my pots admiring his green reflection.
Please sir, what’s for dinner? Will moths be your selection?

There’s a gecko on my window; he’s listening to the drums
I can see his feet a tapping and hear him start to hum!

There’s a gecko in my light, basking in the heat.
Perhaps he’s on vacation with an icy treat?

There’s a gecko crawling down my wall; I think he sees a snail!
Watch out Mr. Gecko!
And now, there’s just a tail.