Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gallavanting to Gulf

From left: Inga, Rebekah, Hanna, Susie, and myself
Today, I, along with my friends, Rebekah, Susie, and Hanna, are leaving for Gulf Province for three weeks. We’ll be assisting Robbie and Debbie Petterson, a New Zealand couple who is currently the primary translation team in the entire province, in translation, literacy, and teacher-training among a variety of languages. We’re hoping to continue to strengthen our relationships with each other as a team and explore whether this is an area where we can serve long-term. With over 20 languages needing translation, the need is great, especially as education levels are low, the churches are few, and transportation is difficult (primarily by river). We plan on visiting around 10 villages (depending on the weather), starting and finishing at the home base in Kapuna, where there is a local hospital (check out their website!). We appreciate your prayers as we start on this new adventure!

We're heading down to Gulf Province! (map by Rebekah Drew)

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