Thursday, September 18, 2014

8-steps to Perfect Fireworks

It's Independence Day this week! In the US, we like to celebrate with fireworks...but fireworks are a bit different here in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Here are 8 steps to perfect fireworks--PNG style!

Steel wool fireworks! (photo by Craig Campbell)

 1. Make sure it has rained recently enough that starting a brush fire isn’t imminent.
2. Put on clothes that won’t melt if sparks happen to fly your way... Maybe pull your hair back too. And wear shoes. Welding faceshields wouldn’t be amiss either...

(photo by Craig Campbell)

3. Find an old metal coat hanger and bend it into a relatively straight stick.
4. Buy many packets of steel wool (without the soap...the finer the metal, the better).
5. Pull apart the steel wool until it is a fluffy conglomeration and bend the end of the coat hanger around it securely.

(photo by Craig Campbell)

6. Light a candle. Or two. Or three. And place it well away from buildings, people, pets, trees...
7. Light the steel wool from the candle (or a lighter). (Handy tip: If it doesn’t burn well, spray the steel wool with hair spray and try again...)

(photo by Craig Campbell)

8. Whirl the coat hanger with the flaming ball of steel wool in a circle perpendicular to the ground. Attempt to aim away from your body. Enjoy!