Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Anti-Radiation Mysterious Mouse Evil Spirit Pad!

"This verse offers no problems for translators," my translation commentary program blithely remarked about Deuteronomy 1:14

Obviously they had never translated this verse with the we were now over 10 minutes into an animated discussion with no signs of ceasing (were the Israelites actually *answering* a question or were they merely *responding*?).

In translation, we work hard to make sure every sentence is clear (understandable), accurate (communicates all the meaning from the source), and natural (sounds like a native speaker). Some days, this process trips along merrily like a cheerful little brook, and other days it swirls and churns, catching on every snag, fallen tree branch, and sand bank that you can imagine.

But, for the translators who developed the promotional materials for my housemate's new mousepad (shipped from a neighboring Asian country), I think the water went off a cliff.

Introducing the High-level anti-radiation mysterious mouse evil spirit pad!

According to the manufacturers this mousepad:

The illustration was added afterwards...
  • Conforms to hte national environmental protection standard, the mysterious mouse pad also considering the human body engineering. which function May reduce wrist wearily,protect radiation and increase blood circulation with using it.
  • random curl with non-deformation.
  • the soft material has the strong adsorptive attraction to the table facet and not easy to move.
  • its using-life is very long and suitable for

Apparently Jessie is in the high-working pressure group!
In case you were wondering who could use this mousepad (like teenage mothers?), check out the list before...

The Mysterious Mouse pad is suitable group
  • the longtime uses the office computer
  • asian healthy condition, easy weariness
  • the long time computer players
  • high working pressure group
  • pregnant, underage group

Look at all the benefits of the mousepad!

Mysterious Mouse pad effect
  • alleviate teh ache, effective to prevent weary
  • muscle changes soft, relaxes the muscle-bound
  • blood flowing to be smooth and circulates
  • the anoin, titanium raw material may protect radiation
  • the anoin may purify the air, effectively to absorbs in teh waste gas in theair to make the operational site to become fresher

You know you want such a mouse pad for your computer!