Thursday, January 21, 2016

Newer and Tuffa'!

How do you store your drinking water?

Our old metal water tank was starting to have all kinds of tiny holes and cracks, and it was really a matter of time before we'd have a major problem on our hands. So, we decided it was time to replace our water tank!

First, we needed to empty the tank...

This main water tank holds our primary supply of rainwater (clean drinking water), which is collected from runoff of our metal roof into our house gutters (clean gutters are important!) . Then, we pump it up to our header tank, which then flows down into the house. It's crucial to remember to fill the header tank regularly, otherwise the water shuts off in the middle of your shower! (Hot water is the result of solar panels on the roof.)

After our tank was drained, a crew of men arrived to tackle the transfer.

The new tank is here! Look--no holes! No no rust! It's made out of a heavy duty plastic, and these last much longer than the old metal tanks, hence it's referred to as a "Tuffa tank" (one of the brands).

And that was my exciting Monday afternoon. Thankfully the process, which can sometimes take several days, only took a few hours. And, even better, it's decided to rain several times since the new tank's installation, so I didn't have to go without water. Yay!