These women rejoice in a Christian songbook in their language!
Extreme time zones, finicky internet, expensive phone calls, and the fact that I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean can sometimes make it a challenge for me to be as intimately involved as I would like in events across the pond. Advocates are critical members of my team who represent me and my ministry when it would be a challenge for me to do so myself. I am so grateful for those people who are willing to stand by me in this vital role. Would you consider joining my advocacy team?

Some ideas that have been done in the past (or are still a current need) include:

  • Represent me to your missions committee
  • Host a booth at your church’s missions conference
  • Help me with furlough logistical details (transportation, lodging)
  • Notice when my financial support is low and take an active role in helping me meet my goals
  • Help your Sunday School class put together an encouragement package
  • Share my prayer requests with your prayer chain
  • Consider featuring my ministry in PNG at your women’s/men’s retreat
  • Set up a Skype conversation between your youth group and me
  • Help me with my US taxes!
  • Download sermons and/or music and send me a CD/DVD
  • Post my newsletter and prayer updates on your church’s bulletin board
  • When I am stateside, set up opportunities for me to share with your church, group, or family
What ideas do you have? Contact me to learn more about participating in PNG Bible translation through advocacy.