Bible Translation Statistics

…the total number of languages in the world (about 7 billion people).

…total Number of Languages without any portion of Scripture (about 180 million people or 6x the population of Canada!).

 nearly 1,800
...the number of translation programs where Wycliffe is currently at work in nearly 130 different countries.

Since the first Wycliffe organization began in 1942, staff working alongside local communities, have assisted in the translation of  New Testaments and complete Bibles in 890 languages.

...the number of language groups that have access to the New Testament in their heart language .

…the number of JESUS films Wycliffe organizations have assisted in dubbing.

...the number of language groups that have access to the entire Bible in the language they understand best.

…the number of organizations making up the Wycliffe Global Alliance, staffed by nearly 7000 people from over 60 different countries.

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…the number of people passionate about Bible translation needed to fulfill vital roles around the world, including teacher, auto mechanic, carpenter, nurse, translator, literacy worker, manager, dentist, writer, artist, graphic designer, database administrator, accountant, lawyer, computer expert, prayer warrior, videographer, financial supporter, pilot, doctor, contractor, ethnomusicologist, mother, heavy machinery specialist, trainer, linguist, anthropologist…