Papua New Guinea

With 830+ languages, PNG is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world!  About 180 languages have the NT, and another 200 have current translation projects, but 300+ languages still need translation! 

All of this is found on an island the size of California, 90+ miles from Australia, with a population of 5.6 million people (about the size of Wisconsin).

PNG is an island of extremes, and its mountainous terrain causes many language communities to be very isolated. Most villages are only accessible by small aircraft!

Although missionaries came to this island in the late 1800s, little Bible translation was done in the indigenous languages. As a result, a clear understanding of Scripture has not been present in many of these language communities. Often traditional spirit beliefs are added when understanding of Scripture is incomplete, and syncretism has easily slipped into some of the churches of Papua New Guinea. God's Word in the languages that the people understand best will give them the guideline that they need to keep Christianity true in the churches and in their lives. 

Wycliffe works closely with the PNG Bible Translation Association, a nationally–run organization committed to bringing the Bible and literacy to the isolated communities. In addition, Wycliffe is striving to translate resources to improve  health education in their communities. These health resources are especially important in view of the increasing presence of HIV/AIDS.