Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Which Catherine Leads an Interesting Life: Pictures from the POC Village Stay

By The Missionary Sister

Interesting food -- people -- language -- even crafts. At least, that's what I thought when Catherine told me stories of her village stay in Aronis. (Not Anubis, like I first thought. That's the Egyptian god of the dead. Kind of different.)

Catherine and I learned all about Anubis listening to 48 lectures on Egyptology in high school. The professor had actually mummified someone once. He was intense.

Aronis is about 70 kilometers or 43.4 miles from Madang, which you can see here. (Anubis lived in Egypt. I don't think I have to link to a map for that one.) Catherine stayed there for five weeks, living with her wasfamili, or host family, who taught her the local language as well as how to live in the village. The other Caucasian girl you see with Catherine is Jessie, her roommate.

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