Monday, May 14, 2012

Trivia, Translation, and Trips for You to Win!

How many languages in the world still remain without translated Scripture?

How long does an average translation take?

What country has the highest concentration of languages in the world?
(hint, hint…where do I work??)

Think you know the answers to these type of questions? Then you’ll love Wycliffe’s new interactive online game called In Other Words. For the next four weeks, a new Bible knowledge or Bible translation trivia question will be posted and you will have the opportunity to earn points by answering the question correctly.

And they even have cool prizes—like a trip for four to Orlando, FL to visit the Wycliffe Discovery Center and other tourist attractions!

In other words, why not try playing? It starts today! Time to test your knowledge!

Click on this link to get started: 

Okay, so it's not quite Trivial Pursuit, but a group of us were playing this the other day and it made me think of asking questions! (We, falling into the lack-of-contact-with-the-outside-world missionary stereotype (truth?) missed all the pop culture and entertainmnet questions, but nailed nearly every single geography question thrown at our invincible team!)